From Adam Lehrer’s article for Forbes discussing the Museum of Sex exhibition “NSFW: Female Gaze”:

[CC]: NSFW co-curator Lissa Rivera is also a fine art photographer who has generated much critical acclaim for her recent series and show at ClampArt ‘Beautiful Boy.’ ‘Beautiful Boy’ is a series of portraits and a modern love story. Back when working together at a museum, Rivera’s now-partner BJ told her that he felt more comfortable wearing women’s clothing. She started taking pictures of him so he could see his self reflected back in that photographic technology. The series is successful on so many levels. In the images, you see BJ growing into comfort and confidence in his gender-ambiguity, you see the couple’s love for each other becoming stronger and purer, and you find Lissa locating her artistic voice. The images are perfectly lit, beautiful in their composition, and moving in their thematic content. Rivera’s work brings another dimension to the exhibition (a dimension also expounded upon by the work of other artists included NSFW Pixy Lao and Joanna Grochowska): it’s not just representations of sexuality and gender that are shifting in culture, it’s the growing acceptance of domestic relationships that exist outside the spectrum of traditional familiar normality.

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