From Hannah Ongley’s article for i-D:

We’ve long been obsessed with the relationship between artist and muse. Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, Ilona Staller and Jeff Koons — the connection is one of intimacy, intuition, and often, traditional gender roles. Photographer Lissa Rivera wants to explore the feminine muse not as a creative presence but as a constant collaborator. Her own muse is her genderqueer boyfriend, BJ. The two immerse themselves in different feminine fantasies — conceptualizing thrifted costumes and assembling elaborate sets — to celebrate the traditional muse figure while stretching its limits. “We are immune to images of beautiful women and have been taught that the vanity of wanting to be recorded in art is somewhat of a lesser pursuit,” Lissa says. “I hope to illuminate the muses of the past that make the art that we worship so poignant with their vulnerability and creative presence.”

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