From the review “NSFW: Female Gaze” for A Hotel Life:

Curated by the Museum of Sex’s Lissa Rivera and Marina Garcia Vasquez of VICE Media’s Creators, the exhibit brings together an array of talent including Polly Nor, Maidenfed, and Nona Faustine, who foster an increasing curiosity towards female sexuality while depicting it in earnest. The title of the exhibit itself – NSFW – takes on a different meaning at the Museum of Sex (naturally, as the exhibits on all four floors are mostly NSFW). Often times the ‘nsfw’ tag is labeled on photos or videos that are created to entice. But here it feels tongue-in-cheek, like the artists are referring to a culture that has failed to accept female sexuality (or female perspectives at all) and the need for a respite from that. This exhibit isn’t safe for work.

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