From Sarah Cascone’s article “From ‘dOGUMENTA’ to ‘Seated Ballerina’: 34 Amazing Public Art Shows to See in New York This Summer” for artnet News:

31. “SaveArtSpace: The Future Is Female”
Brooklyn-based nonprofit SaveArtSpace turns advertising into a venue for public art. Its next project, which takes its name from phrase coined by 1970s lesbian separatists and re-popularized during this year’s women’s marches, will be an all-woman gallery accompanied by a series of public art installations. Work by artists including Allie Kelley, Beth Brown, Elise Peterson, Fanny Allié, Jess Whittam, Julie Orlick, Lissa Rivera, Mónica Félix, Nina Summer, and Sara Meadows will appear on 18 phone booths and two billboards, exploring the concept of 21st century womanhood and exploding traditional ideas of femininity.

Various sites with accompanying gallery show (July 7–16) at the Storefront Project, 70 Orchard Street North; public art installations opening June 26.

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