From the Natalie Krick’s blog entry at Der Greif:

Like many photographers before her, Lissa Rivera photographs her muse continuously. Rivera’s muse is her lover, her sweetheart, her partner, her collaborator, her BJ. Her lush photographs are ripe with countless desires that transcend her romantic love and lust for him. The collaborators explore their fascination with feminine beauty through a playful and calculated process of creating photographs. In each photograph they inhabit and revel in a fantasy of their own construction which Lissa describes as a vision of queer femininity.

“Together we investigate feminine fantasies presented throughout the history of photography and cinema. The project is a way to ‘step-inside’ images that we have found alluring and examine what it is like to live each scenario out. We explore both our captivation and our ambivalence towards these depictions of femininity. By presenting my partner within the lineage of great beauties and populating the media with our images, we are reclaiming our voice in what is attractive and beautiful.”
-Lissa Rivera

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