From josette’s interview with Bill Bernstein and Lissa Rivera:

[josette]: What interested you in her work?

[BB]: Her overall concept of exploring gender roles in our society and the fact that she worked with her partner/muse on this entire body of work I thought was fascinating. There is such a beautiful blending of her simple and clear photographic style, and styling, and the intimacy that her subject (BJ) reveals to us, the viewer. There is a wonderful feeling of openness and tenderness in these images. It is a great collaboration and they keep producing more and more amazing images together.

[josette]: Indeed, her work deals greatly with gender through intimate portraits. Is this something you have been wanting to explore in your own work? In what ways would you say that her work relates to yours, if at all?

[BB]: Yes, I think her work explores many of the same themes that I was exploring during my disco shooting. In a way, I see her work as an offshoot of that time period of the late 70s in NYC at the disco. The bending of the gender rules, the openness and inclusiveness. There are many other photographer exploring this popular theme these days but Lissa (along with BJ) has taken it to a very personal and private place and is sharing it with the world.

I think she is a tremendous talent and she is definitely one to watch. I keep telling her she is going to be very famous one day!

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