From Loring Knoblauch’s review for Collector Daily:

Joseph Desler Costa’s new show embraces this sense of deliberate commercial uncertainty, mixing high and low in ways that create visual complexity. Starting with a silver Coors Light beer can, a golden football helmet, a dangling cigarette ready to drop its ash, and even a headless male body in crisp white briefs, he’s then employed multiple exposures, hazy lighting, and “luxury” metallic frames to give these everyday items a feeling of glamour. While the various objects are isolated against non-descript backgrounds like standard product shots, the repetitions create a ghosting effect, where the can spins forward, the helmet tumbles down, and the bodies seem to dissolve into layered echoes wandering in indistinct softness. A related effect is applied to more technical products – a pair of binoculars, a camera on a tripod, an industrial light fixture – adding wispy palm fronds to the pastel tinted surroundings, the lonely professional gear hovering in a soup of foggy tropical vagueness.

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