From Liz Klinkenberg’s article about Rachel Hulin’s new book “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda” for the Providence Journal:

Rachel Hulin has a knack for letting things take shape. The 38-year-old Providence writer and photographer has been developing the characters in her first novel, “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda,” for more than five years as she worked on other projects.

“It really started as a blog that I wrote for just friends and family, and Matilda’s voice really began to emerge from that,” says Hulin. “Matilda’s twin brother, Harry, became her foil.”

Hulin is an accomplished photographer who produces stunning work with narrow fields of focus, saturated color palettes and long light that work together to achieve ethereal results. Her work is offered through ClampArt Gallery in New York City and is on, an online database and auction house. Her photography has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times, The New Republic and Real Simple.

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