From Aline Smithson’s article concerning Rachel Papo’s series “Homeschooled” for Lenscratch:

For some time, I have been meaning to share Rachel Papo’s excellent exploration of raising children outside of the traditional norms. Her book, ‘Homeschooled,’ was recently published by Kehrer Verlag and is available at a holiday discount for a limited time. The book includes essays by Ariel Shanberg, the Executive Director of the Center for Photography at Woodstock and Holly Graff, an unschooling mom and former public school science teacher.

This project began by photographing one family in her community of Woodstock, New York, but the series expanded as she became intrigued by her subjects and subject matter. Initially, the idea of homeschooling has been met with charged opinions, but as these images reflect, there is a beauty to keeping loved ones close to home, engaged in the natural world and enjoying childhood without societal pressures. In the wake of so much on campus violence, homeschooling may become a much more accepted approach to schooling. Though Rachel’s own children attend traditional schools, her curiosity about this community continues, and she hopes to expand the reach of her project.

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