From Carolyn Mara Boglenghi’s interview with Rachel Papo for Childhood Unplugged:

[CMB]: Your photographic projects have all seemed like possible tools you could use to help define how you yourself plan to, or are, raising your children. Is this possible? Is setting boundaries for being unplugged an important part of your parenting?

[RP]: I never work on a project as an outsider, in other words, my projects are always subjective. I start with a general idea of what I wish to capture and convey but then I usually get swept away in emotions and that always changes the end result. I like working this way because it leaves a lot of room for chance and it allows my subjects to surprise me and teach me things. Working with children in different age groups, not only reminded me of how I was as a child of that age, but it also alerts me about issues that sooner or later I will face with my own children. By being exposed to various growing pains of childhood, I feel I might possibly be more equipped to listen and understand my own children when the time comes.

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