From Dan Halm’s article regarding Rachel Papo’s series “Homeschooled” for SVA Features Visual Arts Journal Fall 2016:

In 2010, to escape the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, photographer Rachel Papo (MFA 2005 Photography, Video and Related Media) moved with her husband and infant daughter to Woodstock, New York. One afternoon at a neighborhood café, Papo started a conversation with a bright and charismatic five-year-old girl named True. It turned out that True was being homeschooled, a practice Papo knew little about. Homeschooled children do not learn in a formal setting, but instead are taught outside the classroom by a parent or tutor. Intrigued, Papo spoke with True’s mother and, with her permission, visited the girl’s home to take photographs capturing her nontraditional educational experience.

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