From Michael Slenske’s review of “The Secret Lives of Buildings” for Wallpaper*:

New York photographer Marc Yankus started shooting cityscapes in the late 1990s. Until recently, nearly all of his tightly-framed shots maintained a soft-focus, sometimes blurred aesthetic, multilayered with texture – as seen in the rough edges of the Manhattan skyline, the bleeding coronas of street lights and the smoky atmospheres in between.

‘In 2013, I started to photograph images that were much sharper, hyperreal,’ says Yankus, who began shooting digitally in 2002. ‘But I wanted to let go of the texture a bit so I started giving the buildings more breathing space and photographed the environment around it.’ That journey has led him to his latest series, ‘The Secret Lives of Buildings,’ which opened this week at ClampArt’s new space in Chelsea.

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