From Rachel Jump’s interview with Jesse Burke for Aint-Bad:

[RJ]Your previous body of work, “Intertidal,” was a visual exploration of masculinity and its relationship to the natural world. Can you briefly describe this body of work, and how it relates to “Wild and Precious”?

[JB]: “Intertidal” was an autobiographical exploration into the idea of who I am as a man and my relation to the men in my family, and our bigger relationships to the landscape that we lived in. Growing up in New England we’ve always been connected to the landscape in someway whether it be as kids playing in the woods or adults fishing or hunting. Our environments have always played a huge part in shaping who we are. “Wild & Precious” rides on the heels of “Intertidal” in some ways. In “Intertidal” my role was as the son and my father and family members create the next ring of the hierarchy above me, instilling inspiration and knowledge down the ladder. In “Wild & Precious” my role is as father and I am now instilling ideas and sending things down the ladder to my children. All of the works in my projects deal with themes related to vulnerability and identity, as well as human’s complicated relationship with nature.

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