From Andy Newman’s story for The New York Times:

“I wait for people to look my way or notice me,” Amy Touchette says. “That’s when I take the picture — to capture when we see each other.”

Ms. Touchette’s Instagram photos of people on the streets of New York City may seem simple at first glance. But they have a history behind them. In 2001, Ms. Touchette was a managing editor at a publishing firm. Then came Sept. 11, and an epiphany: “It seemed morally reprehensible that I was alive and O.K. and not choosing to live my life in the most genuine way.”

Photography, she decided, “would get me out into the world.” She took courses, freelanced as a writer to make ends meet and gradually took on bigger projects. She documented the life of a burlesque dancer. With a medium-format Rolleiflex camera, she made penetrating portraits of New York City teenagers. In 2012, craving more spontaneity, she began the Instagram series “Street Dailies.”

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