From Adam Ryder’s interview with Joseph Desler Costa and August Haik for Popular Photography:

Ryder: What is the through line that connects the artists chosen for this exhibition? Is there a commonality among their methodologies, approaches, or aesthetics that they all share?

Haik: Without sounding too contrarian, I’m more interested in letting viewers work a little to figure out why these artists make sense together given the theme we’ve established. And to that end, I think it’s safe to say that the conceptual continuity I see between the works is slightly different than what Joseph sees, and that’s what’s been most exciting to me in cobbling this work together.

Costa: I agree with Jeremy, we had a loose concept that has kind of taken shape on its own as we select works. It is getting even more interesting as we start to conceptualize the layout of the works in the space. Fingers crossed.

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