From Miss Rosen’s review of “Witch Hazel” for CRAVE:

Many works germinate in a favorite scene from classic horror film, spawning an aesthetic response so singular and charming, we are instantly drawn in. Trained as a photographer who counts Diane Arbus and Ralph Eugene Meatyard as early influences, Ellison’s world is as quirky as it is singular. There is a perverse sense of fun and merriment in the work, much like the horror films themselves. There is an underlying sense that this is all very tongue-in-cheek, that part of the thrill of monsters is the fact that we know they are imaginary. As such, they act as we wish them to—and for Ellison, their actions are epic yet innocent, much like children cavorting in costume on Halloween.

Yet, there is a deeper ambiguity that underlies the work, one that recognizes the essential nature of horror in and of itself. It is there, to be reckoned with, one way or another, whether we want to—or not.

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