Scott Daniel Ellison’s exhibition “Witch Hazel” is included in Highsnobiety’s list of the “10 Must-See Exhibitions Worldwide This Month”:

Drawing from personal experiences and fantasies, Scott Daniel Ellison paints with a loose narrative involving an assortment of beasts, monsters and ghouls. Often beginning with a favorite moment from classic horror cinema, the artist allows his mind to wander; setting the stage for an obscure episode from a story with no beginning or end.

Trained as a photographer who counts Diane Arbus and Ralph Eugene Meatyard as influences, Ellison’s work as a painter engages the storytelling methods of American folklore with pared-down lines and forms. Many of the paintings in Witch Hazel were created with only black, white and gray, with his aesthetic referencing classroom chalkboards, and daydreaming doodles in the margins of a mathematics textbook.

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