From Amy Touchette’s article “Supporting Your Street Photography: Staying Focused and Productive” for tuts+:

We all have our own stories of how we got here. For me, even as a natural-born optimist, street photography is what keeps my head above water. It enables me to focus on what’s right in this world and, to some degree, ignore what’s so wrong with it. Your reason for becoming a street photographer might be different, but what we all share is the need to incorporate this exceptional genre into our lives while juggling other imperative matters, like making money, raising a family, going to school, taking care of our health, etc.

The writer John Cheever once said, “art is the triumph over chaos,” and that’s what this article is all about: helping you create a framework that supports your street photography, so you can continue to make photographs amidst all the loose ends that surround you.

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