From Laura Moya’s article regarding Laura Stevens’ series “Another November” for the Don’t Take Pictures column “Rule Breakers”:

I never want to see another picture of a broken-hearted person. I understand break-ups are a universal occurrence and indeed, one of great significance to most, be it one’s junior high school crush or partner of 30 years. Because of the personal nature of this experience, attempts at re-creating an emotive portrait usually falls into an awkward realm, with something lost in translation.

Laura Stevens’ series ‘Another November’ breaks the mold in the most intimate, poignant, and pleasingly aesthetic way. Using her own separation experience to guide the arc of this series—with images showing initial shock to ones portraying reconstruction of identity—Stevens translates the emotional stages of this journey so evocatively, one is willingly whisked into her world of Parisian color palettes and heavy shadows.

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