From Gayletter No. 344:

Thanks to GAYLETTER I’m constantly learning about new people, artists and things. It’s a nice perk of writing a weekly newsletter–constantly improving my queer education. For instance, I got an email from Brian Clamp from ClampArt gallery about this new show featuring the Venezuelan born artist, who photographs strippers, Jan Rattia (I trust Brian’s taste in art, so I always pay attention). I was like ‘oh, a Latino photographer for a change,’ you know I love supporting my people. “Jan Rattia spent nearly two years traveling the United States–from Washington DC to Atlanta, Miami to Phoenix, and back to New York City–in order to photograph members of a singular and largely misunderstood fraternity: male strippers. Rattia addresses the often-fascinating dichotomy of men who create fantasy personas for stuffed cash, and those same men who call their mothers for advice, go home to their wives (or boyfriends), and put themselves through college or medical school.” [April 9th] is the opening day for this exhibition. There’s no opening party for it, but they’ll have a closing party on May 21st–Go and shut her down. -ABI

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