From Miss Rosen’s review of Jan Rattia’s exhibition “Tease” for CRAVE:

Venezuelan-born photographer Jan Rattia has spent nearly two years traveling across the United States to photograph members of the fraternity of male strippers. From Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, from Miami to Phoenix, and back to New York, Rattia takes us behind the curtains and reveals the men as they are: beautifully built creatures who embody a deeply desirable aesthetic that can be highly profitable.

Yet, Rattia does not show us what we expect; this is not an oiled up menu of beefcake. Instead, Rattia presents the men in a softer, more subdued light, allowing gentle nuances of the individual to appear in their portraits. Photographed at home or backstage, Rattia shows us the men not merely as symbols of masculinity but as individuals with their own depth of emotion and psychological complexities. The photographs are currently on view in Jan Rattia: Tease, now at ClampArt, New York, through May 21, 2016.

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