From Nour Alahaine-lechevalier’s post regarding Jan Rattia’s exhibition “Tease” for Actuphoto‘s dailyphotonews blog:

ClampArt is proud to present an exhibition of photographs by Venezuelan-born artist Jan Rattia. “Tease” is the artist’s first solo show in New York City.

Jan Rattia spent nearly two years traveling the Unites States—from Washington DC to Atlanta, Miami to Phoenix, and back to New York City—in order to photograph members of a singular and largely misunderstood fraternity: male strippers. Rattia’s images, however, go beyond what most people typically know of men in the profession. While sometimes shooting the dancers onstage as they present themselves to their audience, Rattia more often preferred to capture portraits backstage or at home, in order to create a more fully rounded picture of these men and their lives.

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