From Caroline Peyronel’s article for Actuphoto regarding Henry Horenstein’s exhibition, “Histories”:

Carefully chosen from the artist’s personal collection, the photographs in the exhibition showcase some of Horenstein’s favorite images from the 1970s—a number of which have never before been publicly seen. In the forward to the monograph, Tom Rankin writes that Horenstein “kept his rambling eyes. . .on what seem the small and mundane elements of life. . . He intentionally avoided the front of the stage, the typical perspective of an audience member, and seemed not to care so much about photographing the finish line of the great race.” He continues: “Henry Horenstein rambled all over the 1970s—from home to the speedway, from honky tonks to the horse tracks, and much in between—chasing pictures down the backstretch of a decade, finding the lasting voices and enduring lives that help sing us back home, help us to see where we once were, and what it means to us today.”

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