From the article “Artist who crafts disaster scenes in miniature, then photographs them part of Bunn Lectureship in Photography” in Peoria’s Journal Star:

Artwork by Lori Nix, the featured photographer in this year’s Bunn Lectureship in Photography, will be on display at Bradley University’s Heuser Art Gallery April 4 through May 3.

The exhibit will feature images from Nix’s book “The City,” a series of post-apocalyptic images Nix created by photographing dioramas she built herself.

“I consider myself a faux landscape photographer,” said the Brooklyn-based Nix in her artist’s statement. “I build meticulously detailed model environments, and then photograph the results.”

Nix’s artistic vision was shaped by her childhood in rural western Kansas in the 1970s, where every season a natural weather disaster brought excitement to an otherwise dull life. She also enjoyed dystopian cinema, a popular genre at the time.

“I was mesmerized by movies such as ‘Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Towering Inferno,’ ‘Earthquake,’ ” said Nix. “As a 6-year-old viewing these kinds of movies, I believe it had a profound effect on the art I create today. My work to date can be described as disaster mixed with subtle humor.”

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