Michael Massaia, Eaglevale Arch Looking North
Eaglevale Arch Looking North
Michael Massaia, Eaglevale Arch Looking South
Eaglevale Arch Looking South
Michael Massaia, Greywacke Arch
Greywacke Arch
Michael Massaia, Treefoil Arch
Treefoil Arch
Michael Massaia, Inscope Arch #2
Inscope Arch #2
Michael Massaia, Willowell Arch
Willowell Arch
Michael Massaia, Playmate Arch #2
Playmates Arch #2
Michael Massaia, Dalehead Arch
Dalehead Arch
Michael Massaia, Glen Span Arch
Glen Span Arch
Michael Massaia, Mountcliff Arch Looking South
Mountcliff Arch Looking South
Michael Massaia, Rustic Arch, The ramble
Rustic Arch, The Ramble

Michael Massaia writes: “The Arches & Tunnels that are scattered across Central Park have acted as a shelter for me over the past 10 years while working on my ‘Deep In A Dream: Central Park’ series.   I would take apart my cameras, wait for the light to cooperate, and seek shelter from inclement weather in them.  These arches and tunnels have become like homes, and have always given me the second wind to head back out into those late lonely nights and early mornings.”

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