From World Photography Organisation’s interview with Lindsay Morris:

WPO: Talk to us more about your series “You Are You.”

LM: “You Are You” documents a weekend summer camp for gender-variant children and their families. I arrived at camp through a loved one, after discovering a web-based list-serve where the families of these children communicated their experiences. The camaraderie that evolved over time created a desire in all of us to meet face-to-face, which over a few summers in small groups, became the annual camp “You Are You” (a pseudonym).

This camp is unprecedented and this story is the most important and timely one I have had the honor of telling. The goal of the project is to give the outside world a glimpse into this very special place where children are celebrated for openly expressing themselves alongside family and more importantly, their siblings. At camp, family members contribute to the camp activities, and my role became camp photographer.

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