From Elin Spring’s review of Frances F. Denny’s two solo shows for her blog What Will You Remember?:

Denny’s “Let Virtue Be Your Guide” offers an unblinking examination of feminine identity in the rarified context of affluent society by exploring the generations of women in her own New England family. In airy, softly lit scenarios, Denny frames a combination of female relatives and heirlooms in their stately surroundings, thereby contrasting their privileged heritage with today’s notions of class and morals. With poised asymmetries, peaceful palettes and a keen eye for telling details, Denny tiptoes through her own family history, visually searching for ways in which she and her cohort can both honor their legacy and embrace contemporary culture.

In “Pink Crush,” Denny scrutinizes the pop culture of her youth, recalling middle school paraphernalia teeming with rainbows, unicorns and hearts. By using adult models, Denny suggests that those girlish tastes play a critical role in shaping an emerging sense of self and that fragments of such pubescent crazes unwittingly persist into adulthood. Vibrant colors and punchy graphics bring the slick trappings of her cultural legacy into sharp relief. Catchy and fun, Denny nails the sensibilities of the 1980’s and 90’s with snappy appeal. This is the flip side to her pensive exploration of self from the vantage point of home.

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