From Michael Zhang’s review of Michael Massaia’s series, “The Pull: Inverted Seascapes,” for PetaPixel:

Check out this photo of wispy clouds over a barren desert. It’s actually a photo of a choppy waves hitting a beach… flipped upside down. New Jersey-based fine art photographer Michael Massaia‘s latest project is a series of these disorienting upside-down beach photos. The series is titled “The Pull: Inverted Seascapes.”

“I have always been fascinated by the the similarities between movement of the sky and the movement of the ocean (the pull of tides and the pull of the atmosphere),” Massaia writes.

For this project, he simply printed and displayed the images they way they appear on the ground glass of the 5×7 camera through which each photo was shot — inverted and backwards.

“I found it amazing how visually disorientating the landscape becomes,” says Massaia. “The ocean became a rolling sky – ‘the pull of the ocean surrenders to the pull of the sky’.”

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