From Whitney Johnson’s interview with Jesse Burke for National Geographic:

WJ: Did “Wild and Precious” start out as just an experience that you were having with your daughter [Clover], or was it something that you originally conceived of as a photo project?

JB: It started out by accident. We’ve always been very inclined to travel, and we’ve always been very connected to nature and hiking and being outdoors, but I never intended for the project to become what it is. The first time we ever did a road trip was for my previous project, “Intertidal,” and I just took my daughter along for the ride. School was closed, and I knew I couldn’t get any work done, so I said, “Let’s go for a trip to Maine and I’ll take pictures, and you can just tag along with me,” and she did.

WJ: You said that Clover became a collaborator. Can you talk a little bit about that role of collaboration—because some artists are more willing to collaborate than others.

JB: In the beginning it was really 50-50 in terms of frustration and success, trying to get what I needed out of her in regards to the pictures, or what I thought were the pictures; and then, inevitably, I realized that the power was in the collaboration.

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