From Michael Musto’s interview with Peter Berlin for Out Magazine:

MM: Hi, Peter. So your photo show [at ClampArt] consists of all self portraits?

PB: I turned the camera on me because I thought, “My God, I look so good.” At that time, I was very sexually driven and I thought, “Why not take a picture of that?”

MM: What was the most unusual place you had sex in? A bed?

PB: Did I ever have sex in bed? No! A bed is where after sex you go to sleep because you’re so exhausted. But the sex was happening, my God, in the parks. One day I ended up in Central Park, and my God, what a place at night in the summertime, with the smell of blooming trees and flowers. I had a great time in there and in the dungeons. The Mine Shaft [a ‘70s sex club in the Meatpacking District], what a thing it was. I only had the unusual places, and I liked the outdoors—Fire Island, what a place that is.

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