From Dzana Tsomondo’s article on Rachel Papo’s series “Homeschooled” in Photo District News:

“Homeschooled,” a new series by Israeli-American photographer Rachel Papo, is a quiet meditation on the home education movement, a growing practice in the United States. But while much of the discussion around the subject tends to revolve around parents and their beliefs, Papo’s work focuses firmly on the lives and routines of a group of 15 homeschooled children living in New York’s Catskill Mountains. They are a disparate bunch: babyfaced True, with her long hair and rosary; Morgan clutching a microscope in one image and Thor’s hammer in the next; tiny Grisha and Anastasia enticing a squirrel from behind a window; the playful farm boy Roan bundled in a cowboy’s fringed jacket and coonskin cap, alongside his big sister Iris, whose aloof gaze reminds us that homeschooled or not, teenagers are teenagers.

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