From Rebecca Ahremark’s interview with Jill Greenberg for Profoto Blog:

RA: What is the one word of advice you’d like to give the aspiring photographer reading this?

JG: Find another profession. This lifestyle is not ideal for having any kind of life. Only follow this path if you want to give up all your free time, money, and ability to make any future plans. You have to not mind having to reinvent yourself every five years while understanding that being successful at one point in your career means zero 10 years later. There are too many photographers. It’s part of the reason I have gone back to painting!

RA: What advice would you’ve given the 20 years younger you?

JG: Get a sex change. Or change your name to Jack. Or be a lesbian. Anything except a voluptuous hetero, outspoken happily married lady who people in general have no idea what to do with.

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