From Sura Wood’s article in The Bay Area Reporter:

Thirty years ago, an AIDS diagnosis was a death sentence. But thanks to the tenacity of vociferous activists and the life-saving treatments whose development they helped expedite, many, though not all, people with the virus are currently living with what has come to be regarded as a manageable disease. The phenomenon of and fallout from surviving an epidemic that took a tremendous toll, psychic and physical, on the gay community has been filtering into the sensitive, tuning-fork psyches of artists who have begun to interpret and address issues and emotions surrounding AIDS in their work. The latest iteration, “Long-Term Survivor Project,” now at SF Camerawork’s minimalist, white-walled space in mid-Market, includes thoughtful images and varied approaches by three gay photographers: Hunter Reynolds, Frank Yamrus, and Grahame Perry, who grapple with the subject.

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