From Debbie Grossman’s review of Michael Massaia’s series, “Signals Crossed,” for American Photo:

With his 8×10” and 4×5” view cameras and his penchant for stalking the world at night, Michael Massaia captures images like no other. In his most recent series, “Signals Crossed,” he transforms the giant, brightly lit advertisements of Times Square into visions of ephemeral beauty. And, he does it all while most of us are fast asleep. We caught up with him to find out where he finds inspiration and what happens to your brain when you rarely see the light of day.

[DG] Where did the idea for this series come from?

[MM] I have really bad insomnia. I don’t sleep at night. And a lot of nights I hang out in Times Square. One time I was working on a picture and next to me was a guy having mental problems; he believed that his thoughts were being translated on the screen in front of us. In a strange way I related to him. I became obsessed with trying to outsmart those ads, and trying to create something more compelling than the ad itself.

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