From Gabriela Malespin’s article for The Observer:

Acclaimed photographer Stephen Wilkes presented an array of his photographs at the Snite Museum on Wednesday as part of the museum’s Artist Talk series.

Wilkes presented his new photographic series “Day to Night,” a series of large-scale, time-lapse panoramas from locations such as Jerusalem, Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, and the Washington Mall. Wilkes’ panorama “Jerusalem” was featured in the Snite’s Scholz Family Collection from April 14 to April 22.

During his talk, Wilkes discussed how he develops the large scale panoramic photos for his series. The process requires positioning himself more than 50 feet above his subject on a crane and consists of more than 15 hours of work, Wilkes said.

“I take these views, views that I call part of our collective memory, and what I do is photograph for 15 hours on average. I shoot between 1500 to 2000 images of which I edit down to the 50 best moments from day to night and they seamlessly get blended together into one single photograph.

“I realized I stepped into something: the concept of changing time in a single photograph,” Wilkes said.

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