From Loring Knoblauch’s review of Chuck Samuels’s exhibition for Collector Daily:

Even after feminist theorists identified (and named) the dominance of the “male gaze” over the long arc of art history, getting out from under its pervasive and often quietly invisible influence hasn’t always been easy. While we have all come to identify the aesthetic hallmarks of a heterosexual male artist looking at a female subject, and also to be aware of the visual and emotional differences implicit in a female gaze, we don’t often get a crisply logical proof of the concept like the one found in this small show. Especially for a critic like myself (who by definition sees the world through a set of heterosexual male eyes, however much I might try to be more neutral and open), this tightly edited exhibit of the early 1990s work of Chuck Samuels provides a thoroughly engrossing refutation of the male gaze, using a parade of thought provoking inversions to dismantle an often implicit perspective.

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