From Adult Magazine‘s feature on Jeannette Montgomery Barron:

Jeannette Montgomery Barron moved to New York from Atlanta in 1979, the year Kathryn Bigelow graduated from Columbia film and began shooting “The Loveless” (co-directed with Montgomery Barron’s brother Monty, the Cowboy from “Mulholland Drive”), and Beatrix Ost married developer Ludwig Kuttner, and Bianca Jagger divorced Mick, flying home to Nicaragua to witness the beginning of the Sandanista revolution while near-simultaneously materializing in New York magazine’s conclusive list of Steve Rubell’s and Warhol’s famous friends and frequent “party favor” recepients in its takedown cover story, “Studio 54: The Party’s Over.” Montgomery Barron’s portraits boomed. . .: mostly, they were soft black-and-whites of ’80s East Village icons (including her own, Robert Mapplethorpe) that she took for “German Cosmopolitan,” or after meeting at Area or the Palladium, or just asking and then showing up, always on time, for subjects who almost never were. After her mother, formerly known as Atlanta’s “Best Legs,” began rapidly losing her memory to Alzheimer’s, Montgomery Barron published portraits of mirrors in “Mirrors” (2004) and later, the collection “My Mother’s Clothes” (2010), in which, as T Magazine wrote, “clothes become shorthand for experiences.” She lives in Rome and Connecticut, and is on Instagram.

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