From Kenneth Baker’s review for the San Francisco Chronicle:

Plans for what became the Moscone Convention Center provided the impetus for a juggernaut of redevelopment that mowed down nearly everything old or otherwise unexploitable in the vicinity. Delaney saw and felt this happening around her and began to document with photographs and interviews the churn in the surrounding architectural and social landscape.

To museum visitors positioned to benefit by parallel waves of gentrification that have swept other parts of the city more recently, Delaney’s pictures may look like foreshadowings of the brilliant urban future that Herb Caen used to decry as the “Manhattanization” of San Francisco, though he thought mainly of the disappearance of “view slots” to the bay between downtown buildings.

Delaney tried to evoke the fraying of the city’s social texture signified by its radically changing architectural profiles.

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