From David Rosenberg and Jordan G. Teicher’s article for Slate:

We see a lot of work while researching stories to run on [our blog] Behold, the majority online. But every now and again we have the chance to head out and see some work hanging on the walls of galleries and museums in and out of New York. Here are a few of our favorites from 2014.

Jen Davis, “Eleven Years”: Jen Davis has been working on a series of self-portraits that examine body identity for 11 years. It’s fitting then, that she referenced that period of transition and self-reflection as the title of that series “Eleven Years,” that opened at ClampArt last May and has also been published as a book by Kehrer. Looking at a life—anyone’s life—edited down to a small collection of images can be a profound experience for both the photographer and viewer. Davis’ images strike a cord for their vulnerability, further enhanced by her talent for composition and beautiful lighting.

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