Robert Voit, Rosa Indica Fragrans
Rosa Indica Fragrans
Robert Voit, Lathyrus Odoratus
Lathyrus Odoratus
Robert Voit, Papaver Oreintale
Papaver Orientale 1
Robert Voit, Dryopteris filix mas
Dryopteris Filix Mas
Robert Voit,  Agave Attenuata
Agave Attenuata
Robert Voit, Harba Globosus
Harba Globosus
Robert Voit, Papaver Orientale
Papaver Orientale 2
Robert Voit, Ramus Decorus
Ramus Decorus
Robert Voit, Physalis Alkekengi
Physalis Alkekengi
Robert Voit, Asplenium Ceterach
Asplenium Ceterach
Robert Voit, Cynara Cardunculus
Cynara Cardunculus
Robert Voit, Typha Angustifolia
Typha Angustifolia
Robert Voit, Platycerium Bifurcatum
Platycerium Bifurcatum
Robert Voit, Cornucopiae Cucllatum
Cornucopiae Cucllatum
Robert Voit, Cypripedium Calceolus
Cypripedium Calceolus
Robert Voit, Carthamus Tinctorius
Carthamus Tinctorius

Inspired by Karl Blossfeldt’s “The Alphabet of Plants (Original Forms of Art)” from 1928, Robert Voit playfully repurposes the obsessive indexicality of natural history images in his new body of work.  These close-up photographs of artificial plants highlight the tension between nature and its mass-produced simulacra. Extending the themes of his previous series “New Trees,” Voit again blurs the distinction between the natural and the social.

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