From Julie Grahame’s review of Michael Massaia’s series “Deep in a Dream: Sheep Meadow” for The Huffington Post:

Young master photographer and printer Michael Massaia’s Deep in a Dream series has until now shown us images of Central Park made in the wee-est hours of the night. Sometimes up to the top of his waders in the lake, or being cruised by guys, chattered to by rats or growled at by dogs, the long-exposure photographs he takes are finessed to within an inch of their beautiful lives in his homemade darkroom where he spends days mixing chemicals to outstanding effect. His prints need to be seen to be believed.

Although he is just releasing them now, Massaia has been making the “Deep in a Dream – Sheep’s Meadow” sunbather photographs since 2006, concurrently with his other long-exposure series (which include the streets of suburban New Jersey; Seaside Heights before and after Hurricane Sandy; long-haul trucks at rest; and vintage pinball machines). All I could imagine was him laying flat in a hide in camo (I couldn’t understand how he’d get his 8×10 in there), but in fact, he’s in plain sight. Following are excerpts from an interview with Michael in May, 2014.

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