From Katie Hosmer’s review of Michael Massaia’s series, “Deep in a Dream: Central Park,” for My Modern Met:

Central Park at night is filled with a quiet mystery. Giant trees with tangled tree branches take on a spooky personality, dark shadows cast across the landscape, and a rare stillness can be seen throughout the park. Photographer Michael Massaia ventures out at night to capture this tranquility in his series, entitled Deep In a Dream—Central Park.

The powerfully captivating series of large format, black and white images produces a haunting sensation across a typically vibrant and crowded New York City landmark. “Capturing the park between the hours of 2 am and 6 am was my attempt to capture the city in its most haunting, desolate, and inviting moments,” explains Massaia.

Beautiful light illuminates the natural and man-made details throughout the park and watery reflections blur the lines between fact and fiction. In the darkness, grass, bushes, trees, water and buildings merge together into intriguing compositions filled with textures.

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