From Elyssa Goodman’s article for Feature Shoot:

As soon as you see Page, you know there is something special about her. She has the ethereal elegance of Grace Kelly, married with the glittery, gender-bending, art-punk edge of downtown New York in the ‘80s and ‘90s. This was something legendary drag queen Linda Simpson noticed about the transgender performer and documented, along with the rest of the era’s drag scene, with a simple 35 mm point-and-shoot camera. In color, of course. Because if anything was ever colorful, it was drag.

“Pages,” the collection of these images, is now a book published by the Brooklyn-based press Peradam. With these images, Simpson shares not only a view into the life of an entrancing performer, but insight into gender identity and New York’s former underground nightlife. To see more images like those in the Pages series, check out Simpson’s Drag Explosion photos, documenting drag and nightlife of all sorts from the era. We recently spoke with Simpson about Page and her documentation of the scene.

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