From Loring Knoblauch’s review about Jen Davis’ exhibition “Eleven Years” for Collector Daily:

As the title of this exhibit explains, Jen Davis has spent the past eleven years making self portraits, and this body of work has already cemented itself as a landmark in the genre; it’s one of the most unflinching, vulnerable, and complicated investigations of identity in recent photography. Part of its tremendous success lies in that she’s shown us something we haven’t seen before – the interior life of a young, overweight woman, and the struggles and pressures (both physical and emotional) that her size has placed on her life – and she’s done it with an unexpected honesty that can’t help but draw us in.

Davis has a talent for the use of light, her well-crafted compositions often echoing classic Dutch painting, even down to the leftover still life orange peels on the kitchen counter. Rich backgrounds of green and blue frame her solitary moments, adding quiet grace to her interior battles, and shadows cross her frames, spotlighting her changing expressions and moods.

For a first solo show in New York, it’s a remarkably mature and accomplished artistic statement.

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