From Stephanie Emma Pfeffer’s article about Jen Davis’ exhibition “Eleven Years” for People Magazine:

Brooklyn-based photographer Jen Davis spent years taking vulnerable self-portraits of her overweight body before realizing she wanted to change.

“My whole life I had been overweight or obese – as a kid, too,” she tells People Magazine. “There was a sense of comfort with that, but also discomfort, too.”

Davis, 35, began documenting her body in 2002.

“The first picture I made came out of a place of pain,” she says. “It’s at the beach, where I felt very uncomfortable being in a bathing suit in a public space. I wanted to make a picture that dealt with that insecurity and pain of being judged.”

The Yale University graduate never expected to be so moved by what she saw.

“Once I got the film back I was shocked at how real it felt,” says Davis. Inspired to take more photos, she spent the next nine years exploring the themes of beauty standards, intimacy and insecurity.

“I felt like the camera wasn’t going to lie – what it saw and what it recorded was the dead honest truth of what my body really looked like.”

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