From Paola Aurucci’s piece on Jeannette Montgomery Barron for Vogue:

Until July 31 Maramotti Collection in Reggio Emilia is hosting the photographic exhibition “Scene” by Jeannette Montgomery Barron—a photographer from Atlanta who as a young girl was able to document the life and transgressive scene of the ’80s New York art world. From the East Village to Soho, going to places like the Mudd Club, the Odeon, and Warhol’s Factory, Montgomery has created intense magnetic and photographic portraits that convey a clear sense of how the artistic success in those years was related to the concept of celebrity.

Selected photos from the exhibition are mostly related to artists (such as Clemente, Schnabel, Basquiat, Salle, and Bleckner) whose works are also present in the permanent collection.
 The exhibition is accompanied by a book in diary form, which collects notations, photographs, and personal documents of Montgomery Barron. . .

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