From Benjamin Barron’s interview with his mother, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, for Opening Ceremony:

BENJAMIN BARRON: How did you start taking artists’ portraits in New York?
JEANNETTE MONTGOMERY BARRON: My brother, Monty, and our mutual friend, Samia Saouma, brought me down to Francesco Clemente’s studio on lower Broadway. I brought my camera and took some portraits of him. I had been in Paris earlier that year and met and photographed some artist friends of Samia’s, including Mattia Bonetti, the designer. I guess, I was already thinking about continuing to take artists’ portraits. When I got the photographs of Francesco back, I was very excited. My brother recommended I make a book of artists’ portraits; that came about in 1990, when the gallerist Bruno Bischofberger published my first book.

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