From Vitruvian Lens‘ interview with James Bidgood:

Vitruvian Lens: James, you’re a bit of a legend as creator of Pink Narcissus. Many readers only know you via that work. When did you want to become a photographer/artist?

James Bidgood: I don’t know when or if I ever made a conscious decision to be anything. I think I began having opinions in the late nineteen thirties or early nineteen forties. I recall spending hours getting lost in the iridescent rainbow swirls oil made in gutter or looking deep into the hollow of one of those faceted glass christmas ornaments. God knows my surroundings were bleak at the time. My parents were very poor until after the war — that would be World, Number Two. But there were small escapes. Did you know milk bottles used to have colored metal foil tops? Don’t ask.

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