From the interview with Rachel Hulin for FutureDude:

FutureDude: How did you get into photography?

Rachel Hulin: I’ve been into photography since the darkroom days of high school, and just continued with it after that — shooting photos for the newspaper in college, then going to grad school, working at the International Center of Photography, working as a photo editor, and now primarily as a photographer. It’s just always been what I wanted to do.

FutureDude: How does technology support or affect what you do artistically?

Rachel Hulin: I definitely make use of digital cameras and Photoshop (of course), but I do still try to shoot a lot of film and play with film lenses on digital backs and such. I use Lightroom for all my editing and workflow.

FutureDude: What was the impetus for creating the imagery of your son, Henry, floating?

Rachel Hulin: I’ve always loved the power of photography to levitate a subject, and when we were ‘flying’ Henry as a baby — he just loved it. The idea of removing the parent just came to me.

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