From Lisbeth Hunter’s story for RYOT:

For Lori Nix and her partner Kathleen Gerber, every day is post-apocalyptic. The two have been building scenes of a modern apocalypse in a project called “The City.”

Nix, who does most of the heavy crafting, creates the first stage, using foam and glue (among other inventive materials) and paint. Then Gerber comes in to “distress” the landscapes, spreading dirt and wreaking chaos over the scenes. Basically, she’s the apocalyptic force at work here!

The artists have said they’re inspired by movies like Planet of the Apes (the original one from the 1970s, not the remake) to design these awe-inspiring dioramas, which range in size from 18 x 24 inches to as large as 90 square feet. After they’re done, Nix spends up to two weeks photographing the final products.

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